Ode to single malts

There are few beverages in the world that invoke primordial aromas and tastes. One of them are Grand Cru Pinot Noirs with their earthy, forest floor scents and tastes that provoke the beginning of time when the earth was forming.distilery scotch

The other is single malt scotches with their heady scents of campfire smoke,leather,sea spray, florals, fruits and moss. Fine single malts are an experience to behold, one sip and waves of flavours roll through the tongue and onto the back of the throat, smooth, wistful or powerful depending on the style of the scotch.

There are many different types or styles of scotch from light and citrusy with just a hint of smoke to the peaty, smoky types that are bold and powerful. Many drinkers who have not tasted true scotch whiskey have this preconception that scotch is not for them, but many when finally tasting quality scotch are won over.

A little knowledge goes a long way, so West Coast Wine Education has put together an introductory scotch appreciation class on January 15 at the Port Moody Art Centre. For more information  please visit http://www.wcwed.com/courses_jan.html