Explore local, eat and drink local

local beer
I love the local farmers, brewers and winemakers in my community. There is nothing better than driving or walking a short distance to connect and purchase groceries, wine or craft beer.
In Maple Ridge, BC we have a local craft brewer Carlo who make the beer and sells growlers (beer filled into a large resealable bottles). He is also brewing fresh seasonal natural beer that excites the taste buds.

At the local Haney’s Farmers market local farmers sell their tasty wares with a sense and pride and passion explaining the way that their foods are grown and cared for, with the environment in mind.
In Langley, Patrick from Vista D’oro winery ferments small batches of delicious wine and his wife Lee produce jams, jellies and preserves from their own farm.
There are so many more examples as the numbers increase every year, be adventurous and support and explore your local area, you will never know the hidden gems to connect you to the land if you don’t.