Pope receives surprise answer from 92 year old Grandmother

Yesterday in St. Peters Square the Pope stopped his motorcade to talk to an excited Grandmother. He asked her the secret of her joy this late in life and she replied, “I make homemade Ravioli”.


Now I don’t know about you but this struck a chord, sometimes the simplest things in life are the best and food made with love that spreads joy is definitely one of them.

Along with pasta wine adds pleasure to meals and this made me think of what types of wines I would pair with grandma’s ravioli. The wine match will depend on the sauce and the filling. Red tomato based sauce with meat filling would work well with Chianti or a light Brunello. Cream and butter sauces with cheese filling are best with whites, perhaps a Pinot Gringo or Pinot Blanc.

Slowing down and cooking a homemade meal, thoughtfully pairing it with a good but simple wine and sharing it with friends and family is the way to enjoy life to its fullest. If you don’t believe me ask some grandmas in Italy, they’ll set you straight.


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