Two whites for the glorious summer of 2015 reviewed by John Gerum

Two new Okanagan Crush Pad selections are being released this summer. This winery is in the forefront of experimentation with different vineyards, winemakers and fermentation techniques. These wines are always interesting as they never see oak and are generally fermented in concrete giving them a unique profile not found in commercial wines. Only a few hundred cases of each are released, and are available at private wine shops and directly from the winery. If you happen to be in the Summerland region in the Okanagan this summer don’t miss out on visiting this architecturally stunning winery and tasting their full line up.

How do you improve Sauvignon Blanc and create an exciting new style that may be the answer to the question, “Does the Okanagan have a signature style?” You produce the 2014 Haywire Waters & Brooks Sauvignon Blanc. This white adds another dimension to Sauvignon Blanc by adding a creamy, polished body and contrasting it nicely with an attractive racy, tartness. Aromas include stone fruit with a predominate peach essence followed by lime zest, gooseberry and a slight, fresh grassiness. This intense white wine is clean and bright and reveals green apple, lemon and grapefruit on the palate. A one up on Marlborough style Sauvignon Blanc as it adds a unique body and creaminess not found anywhere else. Well done. 89 points. $24.90

I have never been a fan of un-oaked Chardonnay but this is an exception. The 2014 Samantha Canyonview Chardonnay adds flavor and complexity to this grape without the use of oak barrels. Wafting from the glass after a quick swirl is a lovely buttery, yeasty aroma with ripe stone fruit, melon and citrus. A sip uncovers a full, voluptuous, fleshy, creamy palate, complex yet approachable. This is a Chardonnay that you could enjoy before dinner but would be incredibly versatile in matching to a wide range of menu items. 90 points. $22.90


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