Secret of choosing the right summer white

Summer has arrived and white wines will appear on patios throughout the province. You can grab any white from the shelf or you can experiment with some fabulous underrated picks that will sure to bring you a season of pleasure and refreshment.

My ideal summer white is clean, crisp, refreshing, and full of citrus and orchard fruit flavours but lower in alcohol, as on a hot sunny day your thirst levels may lead you to drink more than a glass or two. A little bit of fizz always helps so my first pick hails from Portugal, the land of Port, where Vinho Verde is a white that includes all the criteria above. There are at least three or four different brands offered in BC all which are recommended and best of all are priced under $12 a bottle.
mountain wine
Riesling has always been a classic choice for the summer heat. Citrus, orchard fruit, and minerality offset by a balanced sweet to acid combination makes for an ideal thirst quenching beverage. Look for Hardy’s Riesling/Gewürztraminer, Bree Riesling, and Dr. L Riesling for a selection under $16. If you are up for a treat, BC produces some outstanding choices with 8th Generation and Intrigue wineries leading the way. Intrigue’s winemaker Roger Wong is known throughout the valley as a master at crafting outstanding Riesling.

Don’t forget sparkling wines this summer; in the last decade the quality of sparkling wines has improved and the prices have come down. Prosecco and Cava from Spain leads the way with consistent quality regardless of the producer or brand. One of the reasons for Prosecco’s quality is the strict regulations that Processo producers must adhere to by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. A large majority of these wines are well under $20 and are more widely available than ever before. Eastern European, Australian, and Spanish producers present some interesting choices under $15. Look to the sweetness levels to find one that suits your taste.

Armed with all this information your summer get together will never be boring and you will find yourself enjoying wines you may have never drank before, who knows drinking these summer whites might stretch the summer out a few weeks longer.


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