3 Somm secrets to a better wine tasting experience

There are a few easy tips learned over years of attending wine tastings that I would like to share with you. These will increase your enjoyment of the event and signal you as a serious wine lover instead of purely a wine drinker.
somm secrets
Number one, learn a few wine terms and use them with the wine vendor who is generally very knowledgeable about their wines and wines in general. Words such as finish, aroma, body and rounded will not only give you the basics but let’s face it, they sound pretty good and you will stand out among the other wine tasters as a serious wine dude or dudette.
When you speak the language, wine vendors will take the time out to taste you on their better wines because you will appreciate them. Others with their empty glasses held out not caring if it is red or white will get a cursory sample of whatever.
Once you are curious about the grapes, where the vineyards are located and any cool stories about the winery, you respect the wine, after all a group of people have spent years of hard work crafting the wine you are drinking.
Lastly have a tasting strategy, you will not be able to sample over 100 different wines, so pick the types you enjoy, red or white, Chardonnay, Merlot or Syrah it doesn’t matter as long as it appeals to you. If you are drinking whites and reds make sure you try the lighter whites before the reds otherwise the strong flavors of the reds will overwhelm the delicate whites.
There you have it, a few tips to make you a better wine taster and have a better wine experience.
To try out your new found tasting skills visit www.bcuncorked.ca


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