Who will be King in the Valley?

king wines

The Canadian Wine Industry is worth $7 billion dollars annually in recent study done by an accounting firm. Many people don’t realize that the Canadian wine industry contributes 31,000 jobs to the economy. We are very fortunate to live in British Columbia where there are over 210 wineries spread across 10,000 acres of vineyards. Many of these wineries are producing outstanding examples that can compete with the most famous wine regions in the world.
However the modern BC wine industry is still in its infancy and trying to establish a signature wine that can be associated with BC. Italy has Chianti, Germany has Riesling and Australia has Shiraz. What will be the dominant wine style or type that consumers will think about in the future when they consider BC?
Well no one can predict the future but there are strong indications that we are beginning to narrow down the choices. Here are a few candidates that may find themselves at the top of the heap in a decade or two.
Syrah is a good candidate; we have a fresh, balanced style with subtle, spicy undertones. The style is reminiscent of the Rhone Valley Syrah’s of France. The best of these include, Church and State, La Frenz, Moon Curser and Le Vieux Pin.
Pinot Noir also makes for a top listing, Mission Hill’s Martin Lane Pinot Noir just won best Pinot Noir under $30 in the world, but Pinot quality can be a bit spotty in the Okanagan valley. Look toward such wineries as Quail’s Gate Family Reserve, Blue Mountain, Noble Ridge and Foxtrot for top examples.
Riesling can be heavenly in BC with intense fruit and minerality matching that of the best wines of Germany. Here star producers include 8th Generation, Hainle Vineyards, Sperling Vineyards and Tantalus Vineyards.
It will take a while longer to see if these or any other wines become top contenders for the crown, but it will be fun trying these great wines to decide a winner.


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