wine fest
There are so many booths to visit at the Vancouver Wine Festival that it is hard to choose which ones to visit. If you enjoy Argentinian and Italian wines don’t miss out on visiting these booths with some excellent and unique choices.

BOOTH # 66: Bodega Vistalba, from Mendoza, Argentina, Multi-Awarded Corte A SPEC SKU:915702 $54.99, Corte B SPEC SKU:194340 $29.99, Corte C LISTED SKU:12070 $19.99 & Arido Malbec SPEC SKU: 27409 $14.99,
BOOTH # 125: Monte del Fra Winery, from Veneto, Italy, Multi-Awarded Ca de Magro SKU:216077 $19.99, Bardolino SKU:283648 $16.99 & Amarone SKU:216085 $79.99 (selected from 780+ wines to pour at VIWF Gala Dinner!), Corvina Veronese SKU:892687 $15.99 & Ripasso SKU:883314 $26.99


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